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Project:Seeds To Crop
Description: A seeds to crop is a website developed for the purpose of imparting the informations regarding the seeds and crops. This website will give the primary Information that could enable a more practical assessment of variety choices.
Seeds to crop is developed for the purpose of providing knowledge regarding the seeds and crops.Seeds to crop is for the people who want to know about the crops details. Here, all the details of crops are provided for the people who belongs to agriculture feilds.
Project:Metro Info Guide
Description: Metroinfoguide is a platform which integrates information of all the regional Metro Railways into one common stage.The metroinfoguide readily provides all information related to any/multiple City specific metro railways.
Project:Village Stories
Description: The Village Stories is the scenario of village nativity and culture. Village people spend a very peaceful life in their lives .Most of the Villagers are farmers,they go for fields,there they did plowing,sowing etc. The villagers are socially knit together. Their life is co-operate and interdependent. The old people use to tell the stories to the children.All those stories related to the villages and the different kinds of moral stories, Folk stories, etc can find in this site.